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            1. What are the existing equity and debt securities for American Tower?

              Security CUSIP / ISIN
              Common Code:
              Maturity Date
              Common Stock 03027X100 / US03027X1000
              2.400% senior notes 03027XAZ3 / US03027XAZ33 3/15/2025
              2.900% senior notes 03027XBA7 / US03027XBA72 1/15/2030
              2.750% senior notes 03027XAX8 / US03027XAX84 1/15/2027
              3.700% senior notes 03027XAY6 / US03027XAY67 10/15/2049
              1.300% senior notes 03027XBB5 / US03027XBB55 9/15/2025
              2.100% senior notes 03027XBC3 / US03027XBC39 6/15/2030
              3.100% senior notes 03027XBD1 / US03027XBD12 6/15/2050
              3.375% senior notes 03027XAT7 / US03027XAT72 5/15/2024
              3.950% senior notes 03027XAU4 / US03027XAU46 3/15/2029
              2.950% senior notes 03027XAV2 / US03027XAV29 1/15/2025
              3.800% senior notes 03027XAW0 / US03027XAW02 8/15/2029
              3.550% senior notes 03027XAP5 / US03027XAP50 7/15/2027
              1.950% senior notes 03027XAS9 / XS1823300949 / 182330094 5/22/2026
              3.000% senior notes 03027XAQ3 / US03027XAQ34 6/15/2023
              3.600% senior notes 03027XAR1 / US03027XAR17 1/15/2028
              1.375% senior notes 03027X 308 / US03027X3089 4/4/2025
              2.250% senior notes 03027XAL4 / US03027XAL47 1/15/2022
              3.125% senior notes 03027XAM2 / US03027XAM20 1/15/2027
              3.375% senior notes 03027XAK6 / US03027XAK63 10/15/2026
              3.50% senior notes 03027X AB6 / US03027XAB64 1/31/2023
              4.70% senior notes 03027XAA8 / US03027XAA81 3/15/2022
              5.00% senior notes 03027X AD2 / US03027XAD21 2/15/2024
              4.000% senior notes 03027X AG5 / US03027XAG51 6/1/2025
              4.400% senior notes 03027XAJ9 / US03027XAJ90 2/15/2026
              Secured Tower Revenue Securities, Series 2018-1A 03027WAK8 / USU0405DAK55 3/29/2028*
              Secured Tower Revenue Securities, Series 2013-2A U0405D AH2 / USU0405DAH27 (Regulation S)
              03027W AJ1 / US03027WAJ18 (Rule 144A)
              American Tower Secured Revenue Notes, Series 2015-2A 36246M AU3 / US36246MAU36 (Rule 144A)
              U38288 AQ6 / USU38288AQ63

               *Maturity date reflects anticipated repayment date.

              What are the credit ratings for American Tower?

              Agency Rating Outlook
              Fitch BBB+ Stable
              Moody's Baa3 Stable
              S&P BBB- Stable


              Can I purchase stock directly through American Tower?

              No, American Tower does not process these transactions directly. Any purchase or sale of American Tower Common Stock must be made through the open market, by working with a broker of your choice, trading through an online platform, such as E-Trade, or other similar means.

              Does American Tower offer a Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRIP)?

              No, American Tower does not currently offer a Dividend Reinvestment Plan.

              Where can I find a history of American Tower dividends?

              View American Tower Dividend History

              How are American Tower distributions taxed?

              Past distribution tax treatment is included in the following press releases:

              Press Release: 2016 Distributions
              Press Release: 2017 Distributions
              Press Release: 2018 Distributions
              Press Release: 2019 Distributions

              We intend to make similar disclosures regarding distributions in subsequent years available on our website.

              Will I receive a K-1, Form 1099-DIV or other tax forms for American Tower distributions?

              The classification of our distributions will determine which tax forms you will receive. Information on previous distributions is included in the following press releases:

              Press Release: 2016 Distributions
              Press Release: 2017 Distributions
              Press Release: 2018 Distributions
              Press Release: 2019 Distributions

              Who do I contact with questions regarding my stock certificate?

              For all questions regarding stock certificates, please contact our transfer agent:

              P.O. Box 505000
              Louisville, KY 40233


              Where can I find a summary of American Tower operations, business model and key industry trends?

              Information about our operations, business model and key industry trends is available in the following presentation:

              Introduction to the Tower Industry & American Tower

              Where can I find more information about American Tower international market operations?

              Overviews of each of our international markets are available in the following presentation:

              American Tower International Market Overview

              Contact Us

              Investor Relations
              Igor Khislavsky: Vice President, Investor Relations

              Corporate Headquarters
              American Tower Corporation
              116 Huntington Ave. 11th Floor, Boston, MA 02116
              617-375-7500  |  617-375-7575 fax

              Transfer Agent
              P.O. Box 505000, Louisville, KY 40233
              866-201-5087  |  781-575-2879