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            1. Performance

              We have generated consistent operational and financial results over a long period of time, due to the stability of our business model, our ability to acquire attractive portfolios and the underlying global demand growth for wireless services. With our operational momentum and asset base, our mission remains consistent: to secure and optimally manage franchise real estate to enable wireless communications and deliver strong growth and returns in the process. Further, our innovation teams are busy conducting trials in several markets to pave the way for future growth, improve the efficiency of our existing operations and help us minimize our environmental impact.

              Our world is connected today in ways not possible just a few years ago, from smart cities that connect energy and data, to the Internet of Things (IoT) and a myriad of other autonomous systems. While we have built a global network of cellular towers that comprises most of our business, we drive incremental growth by investing in new and innovative communications real estate solutions. Our focus on innovation, which has long been an integral part of the American Tower DNA, will contribute significantly to our long-term growth.

              Wireless infrastructure to enable a connected world.

              Founded in 1995, American Tower, one of the largest global Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), is a leading independent owner, operator and developer of multitenant communications real estate, with a portfolio of over 160,000 communications sites, including approximately 40,000 towers in the United States and more than 109,000 towers internationally.

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              American Tower was named one of the World’s Most Admired Companies in 2020 by FORTUNE magazine.
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